Top 10 Most Popular Countries on Cooking Vegan in the World

Vegetarian foods

Are you a vegetarian? You want to look for a new recipe for your vegetarianism need, right? Or, simply, are you finding a vegan country to travel? Well, whether what your need is, it makes sure that the below countries will be able to meet… No meat – enjoy the vegan dishes – let’s go!

Which Countries are Common on the Vegetarian Food?

#1 – India

It can say that the consumption of meat in India is not high ~ 32 kilograms. In comparison with the United State, it is around one-fifth. One part is due to the religion. In India, there are 20-40% of the population, who are vegetarian.

Vegetarian in India

Both cafes and restaurants always mark the options between the vegetables and non-vegetables in a clear way. It is noticed that Indians don’t consider eggs like the non-veg option. Those who want to enjoy the healthy and delicious vegetarian foods in this country, it cannot ignore the states – Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

#2 – Italia

Vegetarian in Italia

It doesn’t have any taboo related to eating meat in Italia. Simply, the majority of the Italians feel good with meatlessness. Saying to Italia, 7-9% of Italians claim that they are vegetarian. It is not too difficult to find the vegetarian foods such as pasta, pizza, along with the vegetable desserts. If you love this country, a small suggest for you is the price in the south better than in the north. Since the south is poorer, meat isn’t a common food. Correspondingly, the meatless dishes are created so much.

#3 – Ethiopia

Ethiopian Orthodox Christian accounts for half the population, so it will be meatless on Wednesday, Friday, and Easter weeks (for 6 weeks). That’s why the crumpet-like spongy crêpe, injera bread, or others vegetarian dishes are developed in many centuries.

Vegetarian in Ethiopia

Frequently, they are considered as a large option for the spicy stews while injera is served with the vegetables and legumes, coming with the berbere-spice-mix variations. In the north of Ethiopia, there is a smaller neighbor – Eritrea. In here, there are many appetizing vegan dishes.

#4 – Lebanon

Fertile Crescent – the agriculture started from here. After the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Orthodox Christian began developing strongly. The majority of Christians – the most are in the Middle East often has 6 Lenten Weeks before Easter.

Lebanese food

Not many people can deny the rich level of the Lebanese food when mentioning to the vegetarian dishes. Whatever you are coming which Lebanese restaurant, marvelous meze is easy to be found – a small joy for your flesh-forfeiting need. Aside from falafel and hummus, you also have other options, including, fuul (mashed-bean), herby tabbouleh, the aubergine-grilled dip, and the fatayer.

#5 – Turkey

It is considered as the center of the Ottoman Empire though the Byzantine Empire (thousands of years ago) has developed the precise dishes. It can say that this combination brings the biodiversity related to plant. Thanks to that, it allows you to enjoy a wide range of dishes – baked bread in the top rated toaster ovens, grilled vegetables over the wood-fired ovens, flavored ground nuts, or stewed dishes with the various flavor.

Turkish vegetarian Dishes

Only with cooking aubergines, Turkish chefs may perform a variety of ways, so you will not feel bored. They can be grilled, stuffed, baked, or smoked, depending on your preference. However, you need to pay attention – the restaurants in Turkey has a special cooking style. Accordingly, instead of choosing the grilled fish or meat for your vegetarian food, you can look for lokanta or restoran on the served menu.

#6 – The British

Even though the United Kingdom doesn’t have the strong vegan tradition, the number of vegetarians constantly increase, in particular, in the early years of the 20th century. In the recent survey, it is around 12% of the population in British that are vegetarian. Of course, there also have the real vegetarians and someone lying because they simply want to succumb to the attractive pieces of meat.

British Veggies

Nonetheless, there still have places in which people reject the cultural norm, Glasgow, for example. In this place, there are a lot of vegan restaurants compared to what you thought; especially, some are appreciated excellently. As a whole, the veggies in the UK are inspired by other countries such as India, Middle Eastern, or Italia.

#7 – The United States

Saying to the largest consumer of red meat in the world, it is likely different – the United States. Nevertheless, there still have some places, which can meet your vegan option. For example – California, though it is not a land of nuts or fruits, its dishes bring the breath of Chinese, Mexican, and Korean vegan foods. Moreover, ice creams and dairy-free latters are well-known in north, Oregon, and even Portland; even, its vegetarian culture is the main element when mentioning to the TV show Portlandia.

The vegan culture in the US

Aside from an ideal place without meat like Manhattan, you can find the vegan cities, in particular, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Colorado, Seattle, Texas, and Boulder. It’s great, right?

#8 – Singapore

There is a country with the population under 6 million, but the race and culture are very diverse, along with the high-living level. For the reason, there are many food stalls, restaurants, and cafes in order to meet the out-eating need of the majority of the people. It makes sure that you will not feel bored when you have many options for the preferred vegan flavor – vegan Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cafes, the Indian restaurants, and more 200 places for vegetarians. So great!!!

#9 – Jamaica

Jamaican vegan food

Although it is only a small minority in Jamaica, Rastafarians are not difficult to find. Mainly, they like eating a natural way. It means that they often cook an organic manner and no salt. For Rastas, there is a myriad of vegetarians. Therefore, it can say that Jamaica is an ideal place for those who love the vegan foods. Only with the leafy green, cassava, rice, coconuts, legumes, plantains, and peppers, Callaloo is born. Yes, only in Jamaica, you can find Rastafarians with the significant numbers.

#10 – Israel

Israel – the top vegetarian country

In fact, there are many Jews found a simple life through vegetarian because meats and dairy products have long been boycotted from the outside. Hundreds of Israeli (of 8 million people in Israel) claim to be vegetarian. That’s why Israel is considered as the most vegan country in the world. You don’t believe this, do you? Let’s try going to Tel Aviv in which has many vegetarian restaurants and cafes for your vegan option. It is certain that any vegetarians will be difficult to miss the chance of enjoying the cooking style in Israel when coming to here.