Going Veggie Doesn’t Mean Eating Boiled Food All The Time

Indeed, there are so many ways for you to go veggie and still enjoy the happiness of eating – at least in a healthier way. You might be a vegetarian because of your religion, or you have just gone veggie because your doctor told you to, and you think the days with nice and tasty food is over. You will have to eat boiled vegetables and salads all the time. But it’s not true at all! I can proudly tell you that you can apply any types of the cooking method into your veggie diet without having to be afraid of breaking the rules or adding unhealthy factors into your diets.

Going Veggie

If you don’t believe what I’m saying, read this article and have an answer for your own (and try NOT to boil all kinds of vegetables as well):

  1. Steaming

It is also a way of using water to cook food, but it’s quite different from boiling. While you boil your food, you make use of the water and the heat at the same time. On the other hand, steaming mainly uses the heat from the evaporated water to cook the food so that it must be set on really high temperature. Steaming is a popular way to prepare vegan.

For instance, if you want something to eat for lunch or dinner, it’s really simple since all you need to do it put some kinds of grain and vegetable inside the steamer and set the proper amount of time. Don’t forget to add spices to make the dishes more interesting and flavorful. All you need to do is wait until the food is perfectly steamed. What if you don’t set enough time for the steamer to function correctly? No problem, just add some more time and everything is going to be fine.

Mentioning about steaming, we shouldn’t forget to mention the benefit of this cooking method: NO FAT ADDED. You don’t have to put any amount of oil or butter… to the dishes to make them tastier. In fact, steamed dishes are the best in preserving the original taste of food, especially vegetables and fruits.

  1. Grilling

With many vegetarians, going veggie means no more grilling cuisines or grilling days. People often think of grilled foods as the ones for people who love meat, not vegetarians. But all of a sudden, everything changed since grilling actually a great way to cook vegan in such a really short time.

Grilling for vegetarians

There are countless types of vegetables and fruits that can be grilled. It’s not just about making the vegetables cooked under the heat of the charcoal of the gas but also adding more flavors inside. Some really good examples are mushrooms, potatoes, and onions. Vegetarians don’t have to be afraid of grilling outdoor meals anymore since grilled potatoes and corn can surely guarantee the nutrition requirement of them without breaking their rules about going veggie.

However, you guys should not try to grill grains and beans – except green beans, they are awesome. Grilling is best for vegetables and juicy fruits. Also, if you want to control the heat perfectly, the best gas grill is going to be needed since charcoal grill seems to be quite hard to add or decrease the heat quickly.

  1. Slow Cooking

Slowed cook is designed for people who don’t have much time cooking but still want to have a good and healthy meal every day. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients, put into a slow cooker, set the timer and go to work. The lunches and dinners are always ready and hot served.

Actually, with vegetarians, slow cook vegetables and grains are very good because they are well – seasoned and still keep the original flavors inside the dishes. Soups and stews are the most common dishes made with the slow cooker. They are quite rich in nutrient and vitamins. Whenever you are fed up with eating boiled and steaming dishes think of a full meal of slow cooked beans and carrots. That would be such a reward after a long day working.

Slow cooking

Interestingly, with slow cooking, you can actually change the cooking style easily since each food culture have several different ways of slow cooking and they are demonstrated clearly by the way they use the ingredients and the spices. Therefore making use of this cooking method can not only help you prepare the vegetables and fruits better but also know more about the worldwide cuisines.

  1. Baking

Though baking might need a little bit added fat from the oil, it is still a good choice for making vegetarian foods more interesting and tastier. Baking and roasting are always the most time – consuming cooking methods, but the results are quite worth comparing the efforts you put into.

Actually today, people can roast vegetables without using oil since the pans are often equipped with a no –stick layer on the surface, but adding oil means better flavor and better color so you should take that into consideration.

The most difficult factor you have to control when baking/roasting vegetables and types of fruits are the heat. If the heat is too high, you might burn the outer and still leave the inside uncooked. The oven should be set in the suitable amount of time and heat so that the moist of the vegetables still remains.

Baking is likely used to cook vegetables, tofu, and nuts. I don’t think you should try something else such as beans or seeds since they would be burnt quickly before you can notice.

Vegetarians can still enjoy the world of food if they know how to alternate the cooking methods and ingredients wisely. Moreover, there are so many recipes about cuisine for veggies online that can be found easily. In fact, going veggie is very good for your health because it can help you avoid some diseases and refresh your body so even if you are not a vegetarian, try to do it at least once a month for a better physical and mental condition.