3 Tips to Cook Vegetarian and 5 Traditional Vegetarian Dishes

The vegetarian cooking is a job to do for the healthy meals of the family. However, homemakers often do not know how to cook vegetarian sensible, delicious and nutritious. You want to cook the delicious and attractive vegetarian dishes, and then this is not an easy thing.

The cooking vegetarian
This article will indicate 3 tips you can make delicious vegetarian dishes for the regular family meals or important holidays. If you want to process delicious vegetarian dishes, then you remember the following three basic tips.

Choosing Material Is Critical

Vegetarian dishes are usually due to lack of raw materials from animals. Therefore, if you want to cook vegetarian full of nutrients, then you need to coordinate many different foods during processing. You need to prepare a variety of root vegetables such as carrots, chayote, cassava, sugar cane, pears, beets. This will help the food tastier and more nutritious for you only use one type of food. Also, if you make fried dishes, you need to have peas, mushrooms and other veggies things.
The animal feed is often giving you the feeling of such sweet meat will make the food was delicious, tasty and attractive. Therefore, you need to select the meat substitute food to vegetarian dishes. This will help your dishes are not bland and boring. You should remember this sweet taste of meat you can replace it with asparagus, tomatoes, beans, corn, onion seaweed. These foods have the toughness and increase satiety, and they will create a sense of excitement for vegetarianism. People will feel like you’re eating meat, and the members of your family will love vegetarian dishes so much. You can replace them with ingredients like gluten, baked tofu, fried tofu, mushrooms and bamboo shoots towards dry, beans, whole grains.

You should also use different kinds of nutritious foods such as zinc in grains, calcium in broccoli, bok choy. Salt and iron are found in whole grains, dried fruit, and legumes. And B12 is found in cereals or soymilk.

Adding Seasoning Will Decide The Attractiveness and The Taste of Food

For vegetarian dishes, the flavor is critical, which is similar to salty food. If you only use the spices such as salt, sugar, wedge nuts, the food will be very monotonous and not tasty. So you need to use more flavor and spice color, this helps food will become more attractive and delicious.
The choice of flavoring spices you need to select spices is derived from the natural plant as incense five spices powder, curry, soy cypress, cinnamon, lemongrass, tamarind chili oil, herbs. The spices will make your vegetarian dishes more delicious and attractive
The vegetarian dishes are mostly made from beans or powder. Therefore, vegetarian dishes will be white bored. And you need to know how the food coloring, the beautiful dishes and more delicious. You need to use the coloring spices such as beet, coconut leaves, turmeric, scarlet, and carrots. These materials will provide color to dishes, and everything will be more abundant.
In particular, you should use the spices in a moderate dose for vegetarian dishes. You should not abuse the support of so many spices, especially the spicy and sour.

These Other Note Vhen You Cook Vegetarian Dishes

The first thing is adding seasoning. If you want to add seasoning to vegetarian dishes, then you should pay attention to time should not be too long. Foods will cause loss of freshness and essential nutrients. If you use spices properly, your dishes will add delicious and nutritious.

The vegetarian dish
Avoiding overcooked: The vegetarian vegetable often used as the primary material. Therefore, if you want to ensure the vitamins and minerals in vegetables, then you need to cook the food cooked, especially fried vegetable dishes. This will provide the nutrients in material and limit the loss of nutrients when cooking.
Using less fat: the fat will do many nutritional imbalances. Fats also contribute to reducing the inherent delicious taste of the food, and it also makes people bored vegetarian eating food
Always notice the fire: you should restrict food cooked on high heat in a long time, especially in stews, braised. If you find that the water was boiling, then you go quickly down the heat to the food is cooked well and not dry. If you feel that things are too complicated, and you are always in a state of busy, then you should use the best programmable slow cooker.
The above are three initial suggestions are that you can cook delicious and attractive vegetarian dishes. Continuing, you will learn how to cook 5 traditional vegetarian dishes, and they are easy to do by yourself.

The vegetarian for families and kids
5 Standard Vegetarian Dishes

1. Roll’s green beans: You get to cook delicious with this recipe, first green beans have soaked, stripped shell and place in cooking. When the beans are cooked, you put beans in the bowl. And you use a pestle to mash beans, and you add a little water. And green beans were sintered. And you put dried cassava powder to the mixture. You mix up and add a little salt, a little sugar, pepper and chopped green onions. You mix it all. Then shaped into thin pieces. Finally, you fry material in a pan with oil. And you enjoy delicious food with family.

2. Mushroom hotpot: hotpot dish is considered good food for many people, because of the heat, and easy to eat. Vegetarian hot pot often uses the raw materials from mushrooms: Winter Mushroom, Porcini, mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, and green fruits/ vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, chives cotton.

3. Tempura is a Japanese cuisine including seafood, vegetables and frying Powder soaked. However, you just remove seafood, you have created a vegetarian tempura. The great chef will use vegetables/fruits are seasoned flour and mix it with water, white sesame then deep fried. Herbs used for tempura are very diverse. You can fry sliced pineapple, cauliflower, green corn, thin purple fish. These are great material for incredibly delicious tempura.

4. Mushroom Porridge: Not only is the food delicious, but mushrooms also work to strengthen body resistance, anti-aging, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, help detoxify and protect liver cells. A nutritious dish from mushrooms you can do for your family is vegetarian mushroom soup.

5. Fried Eggplant: The mixing between the sweetness of eggplant and the sweet-scented of onions, all make a special appeal for food. Grilled eggplant is very soft and sweet, and the dish will be very suitable for a light and tasty meal.