Some Popular Ways of Cooking Vegan Food

Some popular ways of cooking vegan food

Besides, you know how to choose the fresh foods which they are goo for the vegetarian diets. This is the first important thing. When making the menu for vegetarian, we need to consider that they will provide enough nutrients for the body. Especially, many people have the full-time vegetarian diet. They are very careful to add the essential vitamin to maintain the healthy body. After choosing foods, you must know how to cook the vegan foods. In this article, I will introduce some popular ways of cooking the vegetarian foods. These techniques will help you cook many exciting vegan foods. Please take your time to get these good tips, right!

Tips for Healthy Vegan Cooking

1.      Food Steaming

Most of the vegetarians will steam the vegetables or fruits. By this way, you can keep all nutrients in the foods. To steam a lot, it is better to have a countertop steamer. There are some benefits when steaming foods in the countertop steamer such as

  • It is not expensive to buy a countertop steamer;
  • Moreover, you can steam a lot of vegetables at the same time;
  • Besides, you can cook veggies. You can also cook some grains. All of them will be cooked perfectly;
  • Especially, you can set the timer for this pot. You do not worry that the food is overcooked or burned in the oven.

Enjoying some vegetables when steaming themOn the other hands, this is the simplest way to cook the vegetarian foods. Or, you are a busy person. You can put all grains, vegetables, and fruits into this pot. You can save your time a lot as well as have a nutritious food.

Beyond that, you must know some foods which they need to steam. Others are not suitable. For example, vegetables, whole grains, and lentils should steam. However, the large beans are not a good idea to steam.

2.      Sautéing

Stir-fry is called sautéing. It is the second favorite food to cook for a vegan. Depending on each person, you can use oil or the flavor of the broth. Actually, sautéing is faster than steaming because you just stir some minutes during the cooking process. In addition, you can add a little water in the pan. Thus, the pan of this food will not be too dry. Normally, the vegetarian like to fry some types of the vegetables and soy foods. They become more delicious to eat.

  1. Pressure Cooking

The short time to cook with the pressure cooking

You do not think that it is very difficult for pressure cooking. But you will become exciting to cook some foods in the pressure. The important sources of vitamins and proteins will be kept in the vegan foods. Also, it cooks very quickly. Normally, it needs a short time to cook the vegan foods with the pressure cooking.

Besides, you can cook pressure about any grains, brown rice, barley, and beans. You will have a delicious soup in some minutes. However, we do not encourage you to cook vegetables in it. They will be completely overcooked. At that time, you have no sense of enjoying the sweet taste of vegetables. Thus, you only apply them in the steamer or sautéed.

  1. Roasting/Baking

Having the delicious feeling with the baked dishes

The baking dishes always bring the delicious feeling for the eaters. Although you must take a lot of time to prepare and roast the foods. Before many people think that we must use oil in the roasting foods. Nowadays, we can roast some veggies and fruits without using oil. And its result is also very great. To help the foods more delicious, it is very necessary to slice the veggies in the right way. Here is a small tip which you should know in the roasting foods:

  • You need to use the high heat of the oven for your foods. So, its outside looks crispy and crunchy. And its inside can remain the fairly moist. At this time, you should stop to provide more heat for your foods;
  • You like the roasting dishes. But not any foods can also bake as you think. Some foods should be roasted such as vegetables, fruits, tofu, and nuts.
  • Of course, you are very difficult to get the best result when roasting the beans, whole grains, and seeds.

5.      Boiling

It is extremely simple to boil something. You need to have a pot or pan which they must have the lids. That is enough to start your boiling foods. However, it will be better to boil in the pressure cooker or the steamer. Your foods will be cooked very quickly. In some cases, you can use your suitable pot for boiling. If you want to cook the beans or some grains you should roast them before cooking. By the way, instead of 15 minutes, you only take in 2 to 5 minutes to cook your foods.

When boiling the foods, depending on the types of foods, they will need a different time. For example, beans and some types of grains will need more time than the vegetables. Especially, the sweet tomatoes should not boil because the necessary vitamins can dissolve into the water. Thus, your foods will lose some nutrients.

6.      Grilling

Adding the toss sliced onions when grilling some foods

Another idea to cooking the vegetarian diet is grilling. Most of the people apply this method for the non-vegan foods. However, you can do it with the vegan diet when you follow the principle of the vegan cooking. You can grill all kinds of vegetables, tempeh, and seitan. In addition, to contribute the rich flavor, you can add the toss sliced onions. I make sure that the grilling foods will become very delicious to enjoy.

In short, the vegetarian food is not only delicious but also good for our health. You can cook in the different ways. This will change the taste of the foods. With 6 simple suggestions above, you can cook for the vegetarians. In my opinion, there are two big advantages of the vegan cooking. Firstly, the fresh materials will be easy to buy on the market. Moreover, the vegan dishes are not difficult to cook. I hope that you will get more experience of cooking vegetarian foods in your life after having some information in this article.