Indispensable Nutrients in The Dishes of A Vegan

Indispensable nutrients in the dishes of a vegan

In your daily meals, you require enough the nutrients for your body. Normally, your family will often eat some foods such as meat, fish, vegetable, and fruit. However, with the vegetarian, they never eat meat, fish, animal meat, and some foods relating to eggs. When I mention this, many people will think that the vegetarian does not have the good health because of lacking of the necessary nutrients for the body. In fact, you will be very surprised when there are a lot of foods for the vegetarian which they can replace the nutrients from the animal meat. Now, I will share some indispensable nutrients in the dishes of a vegan. These are the tips which they help the vegetarian ensure nutrition for their physiological development.

Some of Indispensable Nutrients for Your Vegan Cooking

  1. Water


Need to provide enough water for the body

Water and the water- rich foods are considered the top of nutrition list. Your body can not be healthy if it lacks water. Moreover, water help lubricate the pipes as well as create the good conditions for the body’s activity. So you should drink how much water a day. Surely, you also know we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. In some cases, you eat a lot of water- rich foods. You can drink less water. Especially, your water must be clean and filtered.

  1. Vegetable

On the market, there are a lot of types of the vegetables. You can buy them easily. Each type of the vegetable will contain the various nutritional ingredients. You can choose the favorite vegetables and cook in the different techniques. Besides, you can try the different flavorings. I think you can eat them a lot in your meal.

  1. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

To ensure the nutrient for a vegan, we should not only choose the favorite vegetable. We also eat the dark green leaves. There are many types such as kale, beet greens, collards, spinach, and the turnip greens.

  1. Whole Grains


Should remember to add whole main in the vegetarian diet

All vegetarian also think of whole grains. Rice is the main grain which they will eat. Also, you can replace for some types of different grains like quinoa, millet, and buckwheat.

  1. Bean

Bean contains the big source of the protein which our body needs. Many people can buy the canned beans. But you also can make the bean by yourself from scratch. Because you are a vegan you should make your own. There are some reasons for this as follows:

  • Firstly, comparing with the canned bean, your own bean is cheaper. So you can save your money. Although it is not a lot for each you can save a big budget during many years for your fasting.
  • Beyond that, you can control the amount of the sodium. Normally, all of the canned foods often contain a lot of sodium. Of course, this is not quite good for your health when you must eat them every day.
  • On the other hands, your bean can keep on the freeze and eat in some weeks. Especially, you still peace in mind about its quality.
  1. Fruit

A lot of vitamins and protein in fruit

Some typical fruits which the vegetarian love are like cold grapes, juicy peaches, strawberry, or the crunchy apple. They are the fresh raw nutrients. These fruits are the important part of the vegan diet. We can eat them only. They are very delicious taste when mixed into the refreshing smoothie. Although fruit contains a lot of vitamins and some protein for the vegetarian you should know a basic principle of fruit below:

  • You never mix other foods with a watermelon. This can be explained that the melon will be digested rapidly in your stomach. Surely, other foods will need more time to digest. That is the reason of the heartburn, gas and some unmentionable diseases.
  • In addition, this mixing can create the toxicity. It is better that you should not mix fruit with other foods.
  1. Raw Foods for A Vegan

Raw foods have an important role in providing both the powerful nutrients and enzymes for the body. Therefore, you should add raw foods to your vegetarian diet. To help you have more idea about raw foods, I will list some common dishes which many vegetarians often eat:

  • The ripened avocados and tomatoes are great raw foods for a vegan. You can add them in your diet by cutting them into any dish;
  • Besides, you can eat a dish of fresh salad per day;
  • Starting a new day with fruit is a good way to add raw foods for a vegan;
  • Especially, you can make a schedule to have at least a raw vegan meal for each week.
  1. Nuts and Seeds

Should eat some types of nuts and seeds

You should remember that your body also needs the healthy fats. You can not get the fats from the animal meat. You can find out them from nuts and seeds. So you should eat them every day. In fact, this type of fat is very safe and good for our health. It is the healthy fats.  Fat has a lot in some seeds as pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame. You can store it in the fridge. In every meal, you only need the couple tablespoons to sprinkle on the salad or vegetable.

  1. Oil

You use the available fats in nuts and seeds. However, sometimes, some people still add more oil. In this case, we must be careful to use oil. We should not abuse oil in the vegetarian diet because eating too much of the oil can cause to damage our health. Basically, most of the oils on the market are the refined oil or the empty calories. But it is also very difficult to eliminate oil totally. It is the best way to choose the quality of the oil, use it carefully and sparingly.

In short

The diet of a vegan is not simple although she does not eat meat, fish, egg…. To ensure the nutrients for the body, you need to know some indispensable nutrients for a vegan. With this knowledge, you will know how to have a nutritional balance for a vegan. I hope that 9 essential ingredients are always very necessary for an each meal. I believe you will get the valuable information for a vegan cooking after referring to this writing.